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Stop Checking Your Email and Other Top Tips from the PWH Leadership Summit

We asked our team members who attended this recent event to share their thoughts and key takeaways.

In addition to nearly endless opportunities to network through receptions, meetups, and dinners, the PWH Leadership Summit was peppered with insightful presentations.

As an organization that focuses on building leadership skills and mentoring opportunities to women in healthcare, PWH provided strategies to improve both individual and collective performance.

Here are three key takeaways from the conference according to team aptitude:

1.  What really motivates employees?  What can you do to actively influence the culture at your organization?  The answers provided by Vizient’s David Gillian may surprise you.  Attendees were encouraged to think outside of the “money matters most” box and focus on providing a supportive, encouraging, and empowering environment for a thriving and happy culture.

2.  Attacking your day in a more productive way means stop making email your first priority.  According to Jan Lehman, President of CTC Productivity, focus on managing your technology instead of letting it manage you.  Determine your top 3 priorities for the day and then make a plan based on those actionable items to be in control of your time and efficiency.

3.  Servant leadership is the act of leading, engaging with, and motivating through service to others.  Sarah Lebens explained how an “employees first” attitude helps to elevate your greatest asset – your people.  Be a mentor, and lead with others in mind.

All three aptitude attendees agreed that the conference was very valuable and delivered opportunities to self-reflect and foster new ways of thinking – from how to approach different generations to how to maintain composure through change – each person walked away with insight and strategies to make a positive impact.

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