advancing the
supply chain

aptitude combines technology to streamline processes, analytics to improve performance, market insight for informed decision-making, and strategic partnerships that lead to new opportunities.

accelerating the
supply chain

See how we simplify, improve performance, and accelerate strategic relationships for collaboration and growth.

informing the
supply chain

Our free webinar series, aptitude2020, is designed to provide the busy hospital employee with information on emerging topics quickly.

Stabilize. Adapt. Evolve.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented changes for health care organizations, reducing patient volumes and provider revenues in ways no one imagined. Vizient®, the nation’s leading health care performance improvement company, is uniquely able to help your organization overcome today’s challenges, adjust to rapidly changing conditions and position yourself for long-term success.

Leveraging data for strategic partnerships

There’s strength in numbers. Our data delivers the powerful insight needed to build trust, align stakeholders, and accelerate growth.  Hear directly from industry-leading suppliers how they leverage the data in aptitude.

why aptitude?

aptitude is a performance improvement solution that combines technology, analytics, and market insight to support a clinically aligned supply chain.

Over 1,000 providers benefiting

91% of users recommend aptitude

72 days on average to contract from start to finish

60% reduction in cycle time

5 stars for customer support

$1B+ in transaction volume

200+ categories available for contracting


we are aptitude

Healthcare is complex and dynamic.
So we stay nimble and agile – continuously evolving our solutions to meet the needs of the industry.

“Our team continues to rise to the occasion and keeps the platform market-relevant by matching what both suppliers and providers want - and need - to improve their business.”
Suzy Eberle Market Director
"We are committed to sharing information, working together, and helping customers achieve their goals."
Melissa Szabo Director, Strategy
"The operational efficiencies aptitude delivers through a simplified approach to strategic initiative planning and compliance measures creates excitement and meaningful purpose in our team's day to day work."
Sasha Fannin Senior Director, Client Engagement
"The positive feedback collected from our newest strategic suppliers points to the rapid growth we are experiencing as an organization."
Shawn Fleming Director, Market Executive
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