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Sasha Fannin joins team aptitude as Senior Director of Client Engagement to help elevate the support we provide to our customers.

When you work in the healthcare industry, specifically supply chain, a few constants surface.  First being, that the business is complex and can be difficult to navigate.   That’s one of the many reasons team aptitude is excited to welcome Sasha Fannin as our Senior Director of Client Engagement.  With nearly ten years of experience, she knows first-hand the challenges that providers and suppliers face and will help ensure we are continuing to deliver a solution that addresses their needs and can impart her wisdom into both our processes and our people.

In her most recent role at Vizient, Sasha helped to create strategic sourcing work plans, CQVA strategy, and compliance measurement for a large IDN.  Critical, difficult initiatives that she was able to successfully navigate.

“Working onsite as an embedded supply chain resource with the provider built a foundation for me to understand pain points and challenges when creating and implementing a strategic sourcing work plan as well as strategic supplier partnerships,” said Fannin.  “These insights I plan to leverage for the benefit of all aptitude customers.”

The Power of a Dedicated Market Executive
Fannin’s experience is helping her drive plans for the aptitude customer-facing team of dedicated market executives to provide optimized support and a best-in-class experience.  We have an exceptional group of industry experts assembling and ready to collaborate.

For suppliers, the market executives are now aligned based on categories so they can deliver detailed industry insight and specific product knowledge to the conversation.   For providers, our market executives work with members to understand their strategic vision and initiatives to then build out a pipeline and plan to achieve those goals.

“The operational efficiencies aptitude delivers through a simplified approach to strategic initiative planning and compliance measures creates excitement and meaningful purpose in our team’s day to day work. Our market knowledge that is infused into the process enables our clients to better manage their business and accelerate performance.  In fact, our contracts are executed in 60% less time than a traditional process,” Fannin continued.

Proactively Managing the Business
Healthcare, particularly the supply chain, can be reactive – focusing primarily on pricing rather than overall best practice for the system.  By combining quality data, advanced technology, and industry insight we can help organizations move beyond transactional, reactional tendencies and build collaborative, value-driven partnerships.

“The real-time data available through aptitude can be a proactive catalyst for conversations and strategic planning for both providers and suppliers,” Fannin stated.  “Our solution allows supply chain professionals and the supplier market the ability to accelerate the value analysis process. By leveraging aptitude, our clients have access to collaborative approach to the RFP process, contracting, and compliance using a single platform and real time data set. This accelerates the process of informed data driven decision making throughout the CQVA process and builds efficiencies across the supply chain life cycle.”

It Takes One to Know One
Fannin herself believes she would have benefited from aptitude in her previous role.

“Developing a strategic work plan can be tedious and time consuming – our team would often spend 6 months collecting and analyzing data to identify opportunities to pursue.  With aptitude the information is real time – you have access to category insights which provide an avenue to quickly find high-value, easy wins, or evaluate reports that surface critical initiatives and help you build a plan. The platform is user-friendly, making it a viable self-service option, but also offers market executives who inform and support our customer in a more dynamic way.  It’s the best of both worlds.  I truly believe I would have benefited if I would have had access to aptitude when I was managing the provider’s sourcing strategies,” Fannin said.

The Struggle is Real
In addition to the complex and often reactive nature of the healthcare supply chain – another pretty consistent challenge is data integrity and transparency.  In many instances, the supply chain struggles with measuring performance on contracts leading to confusion and distrust between stakeholders.  aptitude can be a single source of truth between providers and suppliers and creates more meaningful, productive discussions.

“Access to actionable insight both from data in the platform and trends from market executives – plus the operational efficiencies and compliance measurement can be a game changer for accelerating value analysis.  It is a powerful resource to have in your corner.”

That’s the Plan
There are many efficiencies and insights that can be infused into the process to ensure maximized value and that’s what Fannin is striving to help our aptitude customers accomplish – to provide the support needed to advance the healthcare supply chain and leap over those hurdles.

“Together we can create a strategic plan, implement a streamlined process, and achieve optimized performance.”

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