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New role will leverage healthcare expertise for training and platform advancements

As team aptitude continues to grow, we are always looking for ways to recognize and elevate the internal expertise of those who have years of applicable experience. An example of that is the recent promotion of one of our technology consultants, Andrea Mahnke, onto the product team.  After two years of working with members, she is now taking on a new position to apply both her industry and technical knowledge for the benefit of the continued evolution of our solution set.

Check out this video clip from last year, where Manhke shared her perspective on working with aptitude.

Previously, Mahnke worked as a Vizient onsite senior client manager at a large IDN and later went on to serve the same group as a procurement manager – allowing her to see the inner and outer workings of the challenges that healthcare providers face.

“Based on the chair you are sitting in you see things from a different perspective.  You see problems from different vantage points.  The successive roles I have held, both inside and outside of a large IDN, have given me a unique view into how we at aptitude can collaborate with our customers and address their needs,” said Mahnke.

As a member of the product team, she will now have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in a new way by helping to train users and also by contributing to technology.

“I’m excited to bring the insights I have acquired from the business side to the product team.  Working directly for and with facilities allowed me to see the challenges and adoption barriers they face first-hand.  And I’ve spent the past few years personally using aptitude to drive sustainable value, transparency, and performance for my customers. But I’ve also seen that technology can be intimidating – that’s why I love to train people on what aptitude can do.  It’s great to see those light bulbs go off when they fully understand the power and potential. Leveraging the platform and the insights it delivers is so valuable to both providers and suppliers.”

One reason she is so passionate about the insight delivered to customers, is because she struggled to easily access this information when she was a part of the procurement team at a hospital. The aggregated data available in aptitude provides category and product views that were not easily generated or had to be manually pulled.  It truly simplifies the complex.

“Our IDN had many facilities, and at one point multiple materials management systems were being used simultaneously. If we had aptitude at that time, we could have pulled our data from one single source of truth, we had no way to do that internally at the time.  Having this information aggregated and analyzed through aptitude is just invaluable.  It accelerates and informs the decision-making process.  I want to make sure all of our members are taking advantage of that.”

Her passion and commitment to driving member performance was evident when she presented at our user forum, access21. (watch the full video here)

Manhke’s top goals in her new role are to create a strong foundation through training both new internal and external users, while contributing to the advancements and enhancements deployed in the platform.

“I love to onboard and train users. I want to help them see that aptitude should be their first destination when seeking information and insight.  And build their confidence.  Ultimately that knowledge and confidence leads to success and allows for a better experience.  It is extremely powerful when optimally integrated into your processes.”

Influencing and fostering relationships between the internal and external teams that work with aptitude will be a natural extension of her new role as well.

“Helping others fully utilize the platform is a great opportunity that I am excited to be a part of.”


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