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What Do You Love About Cardiology Initiatives?

Over the past year we have made huge strides in how we approach physician preference agreements by aligning stakeholders across the board through shared data, analytics, and goals. While complex in nature, we have several recent initiatives where both suppliers and providers found reasons to love adding the aptitude platform and market expertise to their contracting process.
What Providers LOVE

Recently our Market Executive, Sofia Elhamad, worked with a healthcare provider to approach Peripheral Vascular (PV) in a customized way to ensure both quality and cost needs were met.

“We were able to deliver a differentiated approach by segmenting the category into specific product groupings that made the most sense for this particular organization. It enabled us to partner with the suppliers and deliver unique value through a category specific strategy including an overlay rebate. It was not a typical PV RFP strategy, but the creative approach was beneficial for all involved,” explained Elhamad.

What Suppliers LOVE

In addition to the support Elhamad provided, our Strategy Director and resident “heart expert” Troy Tuttle was layered into the mix and helped suppliers maximize their offers to gain market share.

“With a thoughtful approach to aligning specific product types and providing cross-category value, the suppliers were able to improve their market position with this healthcare group. Not only did their business improve, they also gained access to the measurement metrics available in the aptitude platform at the category level instead of an all-encompassing aggregated level. With specific category measurement, they can now track how each segment is performing while the members see the same information – it creates a shared source of truth that builds strategic partnerships in these critical categories,” said Tuttle.

With each new CRM and PV initiative, we evolve our best practices and customize our approach to ensure both providers and suppliers love the results. To learn more about how aptitude can help advance your supply chain and align clinical stakeholders send a message to at

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