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It’s Time for a 6-Month Check-Up

We have reached June and nearly half of 2019 has flown by.  How has the first part of the year been for your organization?  Are you tracking to achieve the goals you set?

While this is something we keep an eye on daily, it seemed like the perfect time to take a high-level review of where we stand and what needs to be done to achieve, or even surpass, our objectives.

1. Supplier adoption increasing significantly

We are working to create strategic implementation plans with many of the industry’s leading suppliers.  It’s exciting because each time we add a new category or product, we are growing the business opportunities for sellers and our healthcare provider customers.  It’s a win-win.

In addition to planning with suppliers, we hosted our first group training session where we explored new features and functionality.  Nearly 100 users registered and attended with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

  • “Thank you for taking the time to share the aptitude updates!”
  • “These new features will definitely help with bids when our resources are scarce.”
  • “I did not know this feature was available, can’t wait to start using it!”

2.  Racking up the miles

Team aptitude has been feverishly travelling across the country to attend conferences, strategic sessions, board meetings, and with every mile we log, we are building relationships and experiences that contribute to advancing the healthcare supply chain.

  • Spoke on a panel at the HIDA Contract Administration Conference on procurement challenges and solutions
  • Presented at FAH2019 on Clinical Alignment
  • Presented at The Ohio State University to leading hospital executives
  • Attended IHN board meeting to champion new collaborative initiatives

3. Productive Providers

Proactively seeking data and diving into analytics is helping our healthcare providers identify opportunities and track performance that results in cost reduction optimization plus strategic supplier relationships.  Our highest volume providers – Captis, IHN Sourcing Group, MedStar, and Memorial Hermann – have all seen exceptional value so far this year.

4.  Paving a new way for CQVA

We launched new features that enable the CQVA team to save functional equivalent data, share information across organizations about product usage, and infuse data – real time into decision making meetings.

“As more users input their cross-data, this will become an invaluable resource for our CQVA team to be able to quickly identify the best, clinically equivalent products.”

5.  Half way to the top

With the glass half full, we are on pace to fill it up to the rim – nearly $50M in volume in May alone, close to a 4X growth rate over last year, plus an average cycle time of 74 days.

6.  Let’s learn something new

In addition to creating an insightful and advanced process for contracting, we also share innovative products and opportunities available through aptitude suppliers with our free webinar series – aptitude2020.  These webinars consist of a 20-minute presentation from an industry expert, followed by 20 minutes for questions.  Take a look at our most recent sessions and register today for the June 19th event featuring Neurointerventional Devices & Accessories.

What’s next?

If you are looking for that extra edge to achieve more in less time, we can help.  We have launched new features and functionality to support CQVA efforts, new suppliers to support PPI categories, and new resources to advance your supply chain.  To learn more or register for access19, the aptitude user forum, coming up September 8th in Phoenix, AZ.

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