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Doug Beinborn tasked to help drive alignment in cardiology space

Capitalizing on an opportunity to enhance supplier partnerships that will ultimately drive member value – in the fluid, complex medical device market – several new roles have been introduced.   Doug Beinborn recently stepped into a strategic supplier management role, responsible for overseeing the Cardiology and Neurovascular areas of the organization.

By working closely with the Vizient teams including Advisory, aptitude, and Sourcing, Doug is helping to drive a collaborative approach that aligns both internal and external stakeholders towards a common goal of managing total cost of care with improved outcomes.

Contemplating for the total cost of care

A typical approach to cost reduction may result in a less expensive medical supply, but will not necessarily optimize true value. “We want Vizient members and the industry to work together in new ways. To look past just lower supply prices or admin fees and see that there’s value beyond which includes quality, outcomes, and total cost of care,” explained Beinborn.

As the industry evolves, our solutions are evolving with them. By leveraging both our clinical expertise and our industry leading technology, we can deliver an integrated approach leading to differentiated value.

Since joining the team in February, Doug has started to pave the way by working to share clinical insight with clinical decision-makers in many cardiology and neurovascular categories.

“For instance, Medtronic recently announced that their leadless pacemaker has a new indication that shifts the patient pool from 30,000 annually to 100,000 and decreases overall complication rates by 65%. That’s the type of information members need when creating their strategy, not just for their organization, but also for the patient population. The device itself may be more expensive, but the differentiated reimbursement model that was created with CMS leads to new treatment options that can improve care, outcomes, and patient satisfaction,” Beinborn continued.

“While price is always going to be a part of the equation, there’s an opportunity for us have conversations with providers that can reduce total cost of care while ultimately leading to better outcomes. We can cumulatively look at value in a new way.”

 Bringing clinical expertise to the table

With a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in health and human services administration, Doug has both the clinical and business expertise needed to help providers and suppliers optimize their performance.   For over 26 years he held clinical and administrative roles at Mayo Clinic before transitioning to Vizient where he has spent the past 3 years in sourcing, leading several strategic initiatives.

During his time at Mayo, he held a variety of positions including cardiology physician extender on inpatient and outpatient hospital services, electrophysiology nurse specialist where he was trained as a fellow to perform as first assistant with invasive procedures, and administratively leading Heart Rhythm Services that had responsibilities for the Rochester, Jacksonville and Scottsdale practices.  Doug also helped develop multiple new programs including a cardiology ER observation units for atrial fibrillation and syncope, the remote monitoring center, and the heart/brain clinic.

Doug remains active in the cardiology community and works closely with industry experts to gain insight into the current and future landscape of the business and clinical practice. Maintaining relationships with practicing physicians and hearing first-hand the challenges and success they achieve allows him to share that insight with Vizient members and apply that to the strategic supplier partnerships he is advancing.

“We can work with a provider or aggregation group to analyze the market, create a strategic plan, and execute it through either a national or custom contract or a combination of both – infusing data, analytics and technology along the way. We can objectively share clinical information from suppliers, white papers, and other centers enabling members to create programs of excellence that would be much more challenging to achieve on their own – bringing both sides together to move the needle on patient care, satisfaction, and making a positive impact on profitability at the same time.”


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