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aptitude Accolades Award Winners Recognized at access19

One of our favorite things about getting together with customers at our annual user forum, is the opportunity to recognize the individuals and organizations that are propelling the healthcare supply chain forward.

This year, we selected four providers and four suppliers for our aptitude accolades awards.

Captis was an early adopter and since the beginning has consistently contributed ideas on development. They are a true partner and our largest volume participant.   We’ve created joint business ventures and continue seeking new ways to enhance how we work together.  Captis recently renewed their agreement with us for another 5 years and continue to be a strong advocate in the industry.

IHN Sourcing Group
Commonly referred to as one of our strategic partners, IHN Sourcing Group is the second largest user of the aptitude platform.  They’ve made incredible process in accelerating their speed to value and are managing a large portion of their portfolio online.  Their value analysis team and internal analysts are using the information to identify opportunities and drive synergies within their membership.

MedStar Health
We recognized this organization for their commitment to challenging the status quo.  MedStar believed there was an opportunity to standardize their delivery of care and felt based on previous experience, aptitude could play a role in that effort.   We heard from the orchestrator of their strategy as our keynote speaker at access19, where he shared both that both substantial savings plus speed to value were achieved with aptitude: on initiatives that would typically take 9 months, or longer, they were able to finalize agreements in just 120 days.

Setting new trends and implementing innovative approaches is truly impressive when you consider the size and scope of Medtronic.  And they continue to expand – as a division sees success, that experience is shared and resonates across the organization. They are active in awarding agreements through the platform, use Reveal to engage their customers, and have been strategic across multiple categories using a custom approach to bring value to customers.

O&M Halyard
Another early adopter who continues to expand their use even as they go through mergers and acquisitions, is O&M Halyard.  The multiple business units and internal touch-points make aptitude a perfect destination to manage and monitor their agreements, providing a single location for everyone to review the details.   The team has become increasingly more efficient in leveraging the functionality and using the details to engage their customers.

Smith & Nephew
This industry leading supplier has increasingly gravitated towards the platform, currently managing areas like AWC, sports medicine, and implants with their customers.   They also leverage several of our channels to get the word out about new products including our award winning aptitude2020 webinar series, onsite education, and further offerings through members to help improve clinical outcomes.  Their first agreement took place way back in 2016, but they’ve maintained consistent engagement.

The University of Maryland Medical System
This organization has made great strides and is our leading academic medical center adopter.  The University of Maryland Medical System has active agreements in several areas including Traditional Wound Care, Drug Coated Balloons and Coronary Vascular Products while actively pursuing bids in several Endomechanical categories – representing nearly $12M in spend.   They are taking significant steps to align their supply chain and CQVA teams using aptitude to help bridge those discussions.  They are known for their forward-thinking approach and continue to be open new ideas while striving to leverage aptitude as a source of truth.

Zimmer Biomet
Our final award recipient is the new kid on the block, Zimmer Biomet.  This team went all in, loading their product portfolio across many service lines – which has allowed them to benefit almost immediately.  They are able to manage agreements with their strategic partners, they’ve embraced multiple strategies with aptitude including migrations and Reveal, and they collaborate with the aptitude team weekly on targeting efforts.

Power Users
In addition to our organizational awards that showcase the efforts at a team level, we also wanted to recognize two outstanding Power Users with the most logins to the platform.   In other words, these two login every day – several times a day and are completely self-sufficient at leveraging all of the data and analytics available through aptitude.

Justin Albers
For providers, Justin Albers raced towards the front of the line this year, keeping Captis well-informed throughout the life-cycle of their initiatives.

Dan Braun
On the supplier side, Dan Braun continues to lead the pack, quarterbacking the aptitude strategy for Medline.

Congratulations to all of our award winners.  We are thankful for your efforts and commitment to advancing the healthcare supply chain.

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